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© 2012 Camperbooth Pia and David

Pia & David

South Farm is a beautiful place. Throw in some scorching weather, a sizzling crowd and a stunning couple and you get the seriously gorgeous wedding of Pia & David.
Set in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside, the camperbooth sits right at home alongside the gypsy caravans, vintage farm engines and not to mention of course, a giant pot bellied pig! But when the chickens had all gone to bed it was time to admire the feathery delights of the booth and it’s sparkly boa’s and pink plumage props…

At home on the farm

While the mercury was hitting the thirties all day, things were certainly hotting up in the booth throughout the evening. Hot on the heels of the olympics there were budding boxers, bombastic Bolts, and not the mention the Mo-box meltdown. Gold medals to the Bride and Groom for their athletic efforts in the booth!
So here are some of the winners from the evening, and to see the Champions in all their glory head over to the gallery for more…

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